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Discover the technology of this ultrapure water system

Are you interested in purchasing a high-quality water system from a well-established supplier? Iontech® is a Dutch professional that offers tailored solutions to different clients worldwide. From companies that are active in the food industry to organizations that deal with microelectronics and various pharmaceutical suppliers. Iontech® is mostly known for its solutions, based on (continuous) electrodeionization ((C)EDI): a pure water producing technology. Would you like to know more about this particular technology? And are you interested in the services that Iontech® offers? The professionals will gladly inform you about all of their high-quality solutions.

Clean and healthy water that is free of toxins

Water that is free of toxins, gases and ions: there is a great need for healthy and clean drinking and washing water. In turn, Iontech® has developed an ultrapure water system that turns the production of purified water into a continuous process. The system operates continuously; as a result, the quality of the water is consistent. During the process, all chemicals are being removed. The technology of the water system is very efficient, durable and environment friendly. Because of all these reasons, the system is a perfect alternative to more traditional ion exchange resin systems. The ultrapure water system is equipped with a modern and advanced technology, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is able to function with a minimal amount of power.

Get in touch to learn more

Do you own a company and would you like to purchase an ultrapure water system, that is tailored to your specific situations and needs? The professionals that work at Iontech® will happily inform you about all the different, possible options. Over the years, the experts have gathered lots of knowledge and experience. Thanks to this, they are able to come up with a perfect solution, no matter the situation. If you decide to collaborate with Iontech®, you are ensured of receiving a system that meets the highest standards. Discover how the professionals can be of service to you.